How to Wear a Kilt?

How to Wear a Kilt

How to Wear a Kilt?

Wearing a Scottish kilt is new for those who are non-Scottish and wanted to know about this interesting apparel. A Scottish man not only knows how to wear a kilt but also he knows the importance of other kilt accessories which increases his personality in front of the huge gathering of the people. In this article, we not only tell you how to wear a kilt in a proper manner but also tell you about the fabrics used in the Scottish kilt.

Many people only know the tartan but did not want to learn other important fabrics in which Scottish kilt is made. The Scottish kilt is the trendy fashion these days and many fashion lovers love to wear different designs and fabric kilts not only just tartan kilt. In the upcoming paragraphs, we discuss kilt and kilt fabrics in detail.

How to Wear a Kilt

What Is A Scottish Kilt

Before knowing how to wear a Scottish kilt, you must know about the kilt. This is necessary for the non-Scottish people. The traditional definition of the Scottish kilt is that it is open apparel that is wrapped around the body waist and fastened with leather straps. This apparel is popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the Scottish kilt is the symbolic dress of Scotland which has back pleats and the plain front apron. This apparel is the best alternative to shorts, trousers, and dress pants.

Wearing A Kilt

The wearing of the Scottish kilt is very easy. It did not take much time, you just wrapped the kilt around your waist that’s it. The Scottish utility kilt has waist buttons for fastening but if you wearing the tartan kilt then you can fasten it with the straps and buckles. It is very easy to wear and remove Kilt. Moreover, the Scottish kilts are adjustable kilts which means, you can easily adjust according to your body waist but this facility is not available with shorts and pants.

Importance Of Kilt Fabrics

Kilt fabrics are important for everyone. Many people only know about the traditional style of kilts which are tartan kilts but nowadays the modern kilts are being manufactured and these modern kilts are not only made in tartan but also other fabrics. These days, the fabric choices and style of kilts are not limited, so everyone should know about it. We are going to discuss every kilt fabric in the next paragraphs.

  1. Wool
  2. Tweed
  3. Cotton
  4. Denim
  5. Camouflage
  6. Leather


The wool is the premium fabric and the tartan kilts are made with wool. This is a traditional kilt fabric in which great kilt and traditional style kilts are being made widely in many countries. Up to the 17th century, only traditional-style kilts were being made but after that utility-style kilts were manufactured. Nowadays, there are beautiful and unique design kilts that are being made in wool fabric. The traditional wool kilts are the best kilts for weddings and other Scottish ceremonies.

How to Wear a Kilt


The tweed is the premium fabric as the wool and the kilts made in this fabric are also expensive. There are unique design tweed kilts are available in many popular stores i.e, kit sale. Our company not only has single color tweed kilts but also checked and other style tweed kilts and jackets are also available. The tweed is a precious fabric and only tweed lovers know the importance of this fabric.


The cotton kilts are the modern design kilts which are also called utility kilts. Many modern kilts are made in this fabric. These kilts are not only popular among Scottish people but also non-Scottish people also take interest in these kilts. Many celebrities love to wear these kilts at special places and ceremonies.


Denim is a beautiful fabric, it is the jeans fabric in which jeans and jackets are made. This is the hard cotton fabric and the kilts made in this fabric are specially designed for rough and tough and fashion lovers. We have unique design denim kilts available for our customers.


The camouflage is the cotton fabric that is specially designed for the army and military men. It has beautiful army colors. You can choose any beautiful army color in order to wear the kilts. Although it is the army fabric, the general public is also allowed to wear the kilts in this fabric.


Leather is the premium fabric that is obtained from the skin of different animals. Our company uses real leather for not only making utility-style leather kilts but also leather jackets, Sporrans, belts, and shoes.

Final Words

by reading the above interesting article, you not only know How to Wear a Kilt but also had known about the fabrics in which Scottish kilts are being made.