Scottish Kilt

Scottish Kilt

Scottish Kilt

The Scottish kilt is not the only popular and wearable dress in Scotland. Although the origin of the Kilt is derived from Scotland but with the passage of time, non-Scottish people also admire this fashion garment. No fashion came into existence easily, it takes time. The kilt is a different garment fashion and it takes centuries. The present form of the kilt is also known as modern kilts.

Modern kilts take approximately 4 centuries, so you can feel that this is a different fashion unlike pants, shirts, and other outfits. The original form of the traditional Highland kilt is a tartan kilt which is still popular in this era. There are more than 100 beautiful tartan colors available for every tartan lover but in the past, there were only few wearable tartans. We are going to discuss brief history of the tartan plaid, so you can able to know how these modern kilts came into being.

Brief History Of Tartan

The tartan is the woolen cloth that is obtained from the original wool and it has more than one color. The tartan color is the combination of one or more than one color. In the past, history goes back to the 16th century where the only full-length woolen cloth was used. At that time there are only a few colors of tartan available but there was no concept of shorter kilts or tartan kilts. Although tartan cloth was there but no one takes steps to convert the full-length cloth into shorter forms.

At that time, the tartan full-length cloth which is only allowed to worn by the soldiers at the war or on duties. This cloth occasionally used at the time of defense or war. Scottish Kilt, The soldiers do not wear them every time. This tartan cloth was also worn in winter to cover the whole body because wool makes anyone warm. No need to light a fire, as wool never makes you feel cold. This cloth is not thick and anyone can be worn this tartan cloth because it is a comfortable woolen cloth.

Well, as we have discussed above, only soldiers were allowed to wear tartan cloth or plaid but after some years, the general public also allows to worn this dress. The general public not only wears full tartan cloth but also keen to make useful objects for regular use such as cushions, blankets, shawls, etc. At that time, this was a common dress for everyone, whether a rich or a poor person.

Tartan Restriction

Scottish Kilt, After a century, the government imposes restrictions on the poor to stop wearing tartan or related objects such as cushions, blankets, etc. At that time, only rich men, soldiers, or army men wear tartan cloth because there was a shortage of wool and the government did not allow the general public to use tartan and related products. The government imposed banned and strict actions on the use of tartans. There was six-month imprisonment at that time if someone wearing the tartan plaid.

Short Form Of Tartan Cloth

People start to wear short forms of tartan which are generally known as tartan kilt at the start of the 19th century. Wool cloth is used to make a kilt and this dress is properly stitched and sewn at the backside. The way to fasten the traditional style kilts is straps and buckles. Straps are made with original animal skin and buckles are silver chrome. The short form kilts are adjustable kilts, unlike pants, trousers, and leggings. The kilts were a comfortable dress and it was not the only wearable in Scotland but also in Ireland and some small nations.  This shortest form of tartan is mostly worn at weddings and Highland parties but there are also tartan lovers who wear the tartan kilts at home or at regular places because it is the only comfortable bottom wear among all fashion garments.

Evolution Of Utility Style Kilts

The current features of the Scottish kilt are available at the beginning of the 20th century. There were more designs of the tartan colors are available for the general public to choose from. People used tartan in different formats according to their needs and requirements. At that time, the tartan kilts have pockets, belt loops, and other utility features. The reason for adding utility features in the traditional kilt is to match with the other garment fashion i.e, pants, shorts, trousers.

Today’s Kilts

Today kilts have more varieties and types which you have never seen before. Currently, there are too many Scottish and Ireland tartans in which kilts are manufactured. Scottish Kilt, There are also too many designs of cotton and other fabric kilts available in the market. The main fabrics in which kilts are manufactured are Camouflage, denim, leather, cotton, and wool. Today’s kilts are not restricted to men, there is a wide range of women’s kilts that are made which are better and comfortable than skirts, trousers, and pants.

Today’s kilts are the trendy fashion and the people of UAE also admire this fashion. Many Hollywood celebrities love to wear modern and traditional kilts. These kilts are also helping in decreasing anxiety levels among men and women. Well, there are many ways to buy the best quality Scottish kilts for men but there are some features that must be available in a company from which you wanted to buy the kilts. We will discuss the features of a good company later, now we are going to discuss with you the types of tartan available nowadays.

Types Of Tartans

Currently, there are three major types or categories of tartans available in the market according to classifications. We are going to discuss this with you.

  • Universal Tartans
  • Clan Tartans
  • District Tartans

Universal Tartans

These tartans are designed for everyone who loves to wear tartan dresses. The major universal tartans are Blackwatch tartans, Douglas tartans, and Royal Stewart tartans. These tartans are made with wool fabric and not only Scottish people but also people of other countries of the world love to wear the kilts of these tartans. Nowadays, not only a Scottish kilt is made with this tartan, but people also love to wear tartan Sporrans, ties, bows, and other accessories.

Clan Tartans

The clans are Scottish families and they have their own tartan. These families have only worn their own traditional tartan kilts every time in Scottish weddings and other events. There are more than 100 clan tartans available in today’s era which are beautiful and easily available in every Scottish kilt store.

District Tartans

These are district-wise or city-wise tartans. Some are country-wise tartans which have colors of different countries. These are the patriotic tartans and only country lovers know the importance of these tartans. All the district tartans are special order tartans which are made according to the kilt lover’s requirement.

Qualities Of A Good Company

If you are searching for the best Highland kilt for your wedding and other places then you must make sure the company has every possible feature.

  1. Material Quality
  2. Better Price
  3. Customization Facility
  4. Every Type Of Kilt
  5. Accessories And Jackets
  6. New Condition Kilt
  7. Best Customer Support
  8. Durability
  9. Return Policy
  10. Shipping Policy

Material Quality

The material is a major concern these days because many times, the customer gets a bad quality product. Many kilt companies selling USA kilts for kilt lovers but they don’t take the necessary steps about the material quality. These low-standard companies always purchase low-standard fabrics for making products. As you know the original fabric is an expensive one that is why they save their production costs in searching for more profits but quality must be the main factor from making any cloth products. The kilt lover always purchases kilts for sale from those companies that focus on only quality.

Better Price

There are too many expensive brand kilt stores out there in the market that demand more price of a kilt which is beyond the budget of the people. Generally, we always searching for a better quality product with a low price but it is not possible every time. The brand kilt stores although sells quality kilts but they set higher prices. The salaried person or low earner cannot afford to buy a kilt, so a kilt lover should spend time in order to find the best kilt shop where you will buy the quality kilts at affordable prices.

Customization Facility

It is the major facility that is available these days in many online eCommerce stores. Unfortunately, the physical kilt stores do not provide such facilities because they did not have trained or qualified makers. Scottish Kilt, The online stores that provide this service demand more charges than the price of a single kilt. The customization facility should be free or a company should demand the lowest possible cost which can easily afford by the kilt lover. So, every kilt company, the especially physical retail store should offer this facility to their customers.

Every Type Of Kilt

A good kilt company not only sells tartan kilts but also other types of kilts such as Gothic kilts, Camouflage Kilts, Utility kilts, leather kilts, denim kilts, and hybrid kilts. If a company has more kilt varieties then the customer has a lot of options to choose the best kilts according to his need. Not every customer wants a tartan kilt because it only has straps and buckles for fastening, no pockets, belt loops, and other utility accessories that is why our Scottish company should offer every type of kilt.

Accessories And Jackets

You never become a true Scotsman if you did not wear a complete outfit. A kilt never a complete outfit without accessories and kilt jackets. Every Scottish company should offer accessories and kilt jackets to the customers, so customers can able to buy complete kilt outfits. The kilt attire not only enhances your personality but also is the perfect attire for every Scottish wedding. The company also set reasonable prices for the accessories and kilt jackets which is in the approach of the kilt lovers. Therefore, a kilt lover should search those stores that also offer various kilt accessories and jackets.

New Condition Kilt

This is also an important factor if you want to buy a kilt. Many physical retail shops never sold new products because they are selling ready-made kilts. The ready-made kilts become dirty due to dust. You have to wash them before you wear them. You should purchase kilts from those companies that are selling fresh kilts according to the quality standards. There are too many good reputed kilt companies out there in the market who always make fresh products according to the customer’s order.

Best Customer Support

A good and reliable kilt company must have a good customer support system. As you know there are many kilt-related issues such as ordering problems, color changes, size issues, or other suggestions, so there is must be good customer support. Their staff should eager to help you and sort out your complex problems in a matter of time. Every kilt lover should research those reliable kilt companies who provide 24/7 customer support.


Scottish Kilt, Durability is another key factor in the kilt business. The kilt only durable if properly stitching with the best standard stitching machine. The fabrics and hardware’s also used for making the kilt are also of good quality. A durable kilt never fades or damages after a couple of washes. Well, there are many kilt companies who make quality products which you can wear for a longer period of time without any problem. Always purchase kilts from a recognized kilt company.

Return Policy

Many fake kilt companies never return the product or don’t have a good return policy which has all essential points. If you want to buy a kilt online then you must visit its return policy. You will able to know how good this company is. The trusty company always takes care of their clients, so if there is an issue with the kilt, they can return without saying a word. Every kilt lover must purchase kilts from those who have a better return policy.

Shipping Policy

Scottish Kilt, The shipping time, delivery time, and delivery charges, everything must be written in the shipping policy. Moreover, you must buy products from those kilt companies, who provide fast and insured shipment services. So, you will get your desired product on time without any delay.

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