What Does Kilt Mean

What Does Kilt Mean

What Does Kilt Mean

The Scottish kilt is an interesting garment that is far different from pants, shorts and other bottom wears. A kilt is a knee-length garment that is wrapped around the body. This apparel has a plain front apron while the backside has too many pleats. The pleated part of the kilt is the most attractive part because it makes this apparel different from other bottom wear. Furthermore, the Scottish kilts are not only designed for men, these garments are also for women. The men’s kilts have more pleats at the backside while women’s kilts have lesser pleats. The beauty of the kilt lies at the pleats.

The Scottish kilt is the cultural dress of Scotland and surrounding areas but this dress is not restricted to these areas. People of the USA, Denmark, Germany, France and other European countries also appreciate this fashion. In ancient times, only wool is the fabric for making great kilts and traditional style kilts but in this century there are other premium fabrics available for making Scottish Highland kilts.

In this article, we give you detailed information about Scottish kilts, their types, and some background of the kilt. This article is for newbies, who don’t know about this Scottish culture.

What Does Kilt Mean

History of Kilt

Today’s kilt is the advanced form of kilt which was not available in the 16th century. We are thankful to the Royal kings and general public who give us today’s modern kilt which is widely appreciated. In the ancient period, the only full-length garment was used to cover the whole body which is known as a great kilt. This was the actual terminology of the kilt which is still being popular. In that kilt, the woolen, unstitched cloth was used. There was no concept of belt loops, pockets, straps, and other things.

This great kilt was the precious dress that was mostly worn by military men and Royal kings. It was treated as the royal dress which was later restricted to the general public of Scotland and Ireland for almost 40 years. The people of that time, not only used wool for making great kilts but also for making blankets and other household items such as pillow covers, gloves, bedsheets, etc.

The traditional style kilts were discovered after the ban of 40 years lifted by the king. At that time, tartan was widely used for making kilts. This fabric has many patterns which form a single color. Nowadays, there are more than 5000 tartans discovered which are wearable worldwide.

What Does Kilt Mean

Types Of Kilts

The Scottish kilts are nowadays available in too many types. Here we are going to discuss some common types of kilts.

  • Utility Kilts
  • Denim Kilts
  • Tartan Utility Kilts
  • Tartan Kilts
  • Leather Kilts
  • Tweed Kilts
  • Hybrid Kilts

Utility Kilts

The Scottish utility kilts are modern design kilts that have not only pockets and belt loops but also leather patches, d rings, buckles, studs, and too many luxury metals. These are the beautiful and fashionable kilts that are not only popular in the Scottish nations but also in other non-Scottish countries.

Denim Kilts

The denim kilts are also modern kilts that are made in hard cotton. These kilts are made in the jeans fabric which is commonly used for making jeans, jackets, and other garments. Like utility kilts, these kilts also have too many metals and other expensive stuff which make them precious kilts.

Tartan Utility Kilts

The tartan utility kilts are the tartan kilts that have pockets, belt loops, buckles, and belt loops. These kilts are advanced forms of the traditional style kilts that have everything which is necessary for the kilt wearer. There are also beautiful design buttons and studs in these types of kilts which are attached to the waistbands and the pockets.

Tartan Kilts

The tartan kilts are the traditional kilts that do not have pockets and belt loops. This is the simplest form of the kilt. Although this is a simple kilt it is the best kilt for weddings. If you are in Scotland then this kilt is the best outfit for Scottish weddings. Moreover, if you want to go to a wedding,  this tartan kilt is incomplete without Sporran and other kilt accessories.

Leather Kilts

The leather kilts are the kilts that are manufactured with the skin of different animals i.e, cows, buffalo, sheep, etc. These kilts are premium kilts that have every utility element. Customization is also available in leather Scottish kilts.

Tweed Kilts

Tweed kilts are also precious kilts like tartan kilts. These kilts are available in single color or in check. Our company sells both color tweed kilts for our customers. These kilts are available in both traditional and modern styles.

Hybrid Kilts

The hybrid kilts are two-color kilts. The two colors can be of the same fabric or different. These are the modern and attractive kilts and the number one choice for fashion lovers all over the world.


After reading this article, you are able to know “What Does Kilt Mean”. We discussed kilt and its types as well as a short history of the kilt. If you like this article then share it on various social media websites.

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