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Scottish Kilt

The kilt basically comes from Scotland that is why it is said to be a Scottish kilt. The Scottish kilt is itself a broad term that has every type of kilt. It means every kilt is said to be Scottish as it is the main father of this tradition. The Scotland kilts not only limited or available in Scotland. This cultural dress spreads not only in the surrounding areas of Scotland but also in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and other major developed countries of the world. The Middle East and Asian countries such as China and Japan also take interest in this cultural dress. The first Scottish kilt is great kilt which is still present and popular among many kilt lovers. We are going to discuss the difference between a great kilt and a tartan kilt in the following paragraph.

Great Kilt Vs Tartan Kilt

Both forms of the kilts are made with wool fabric which is a softer fabric than other popular fabrics of the world. The reason for the popularity of both types of kilts is because of wool fabric which provides more comfortability and flexibility. This fabric is not only best for old people but also for kids and young men. You can wear any of these types of Scottish kilts at every place such as picnics, shopping malls, mountaineering, climbing, etc. There are some differences between these two types of ancient kilts which are going to discuss below.

Great Kilt

The great kilt is the full-length woolen cloth that has not a single stitch. This is an unstitched cloth that is designed to wear on the shoulder and on the bottom. Many ancient-minded lovers love to wear a great kilt. It is a comfortable cloth in which manually pleated without the use of any sewing machine. The great kilt is also available in different tartan colors like a traditional tartan kilt. You can also make two open pockets with the great kilt if you want to wear a great kilt in a different style. Some women also love to wear a great kilt at home and at other Scottish events. The great kilt does not have buttons and studs but we can fasten the great kilt with a brooch or a safety pin.

Tartan Kilt

The Scottish tartan kilt is the kilt that is manufactured in the tartan fabric and it is shorter in size. Traditional tartan kilts are similar to shorts or trousers. These kilts have straps, buckles, buttons, studs, pockets, and other essential features of perfect bottom wear. The tartan kilt is more popular than the ancient style Great kilt. Nowadays, there are too many designs and varieties in the tartan kilt which not only loved by traditional lovers but also modern style lovers. You can wear these Scottish kilts at parties, nightclubs, different Scottish festivals, mountaineering, climbing, picnic, and other important places.

Modern Scottish Kilts

Apart from the traditional style kilts, there is also a wide range of modern kilts which have more features than ancient style kilts. These kilts have metal chains, antique buttons, metal clips, leather patches, hooks, and other exciting features which make them more attractive.

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