Gothic Fashion Black Utility Kilt

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Gothic Fashion Black Utility Kilt is fabulous for kilt enthusiasts who like innovative designs. It is unique and captures the attention of everyone when you go with this at any gathering. The front of the kilt is simply flat, and it contains a zip closure at its right for a perfect fit. It has snap buttons on the top-left of the front that is also used for fastening. The D-rings are connected with each of the belt loops. The D-ring straps on its left side are made in a new design for modernity and style. Large flapped pockets on both sides of the kilt provide ample storage for your accessories. So you can go with your essentials anywhere without fearing losing them due to its button flaps. It has traditional pleats on its back and gives ease of movement during your activities.
Gothic Black Utility Kilt is made with exceptional quality Cotton. It is accessible in all sizes at a reasonable price. You can also select the color for a matching outfit to make your event remarkable. It is ideal for Scottish Weddings, Formal and Informal occasions. The hardware material used is rust-free, and the kilt comes in fine stitching. Order now to get a kilt with modern features and functionality.

Design and Specifications:

  • Material: 100 % Cotton.
  • Style: Gothic.
  • Fabric: Drill jeans.
  • Type: Fashion/Casual.
  • Front Apron: Simple.
  • Backside: Pleated design.
  • Fabric color: Black.


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