Black Finish Irish National Tartan Bagpipe



Note: The price of a bagpipe of imported African Black wood is $400

Note: The price of a low quality Black wood bagpipe is $250

Rosewood Irish National Tartan Bagpipe made of genuine rosewood with a black finish. It comes up with alloy projecting mounts, ferrules and ring caps with silver finish and as well as it has a plastic mouthpiece. It is 100% handmade. Irish National Tartan is used in making this bagpipe cover. High-Quality Pipes with Professional sound quality 1 set of synthetic drone reeds and 2 sets of the cane chanter reeds.

  • Material: Genuine Rosewood
  • Finish: Black
  • Cover: Highland Tartan
  • Ring Caps, Ferrules Mounts: Alloy with Silver Finish
  • Mouth Piece: Plastic
  • Cords: Irish
  • Style: Musical Instrument
  • Type: Professional
  • Synthetic Drone Reeds: 1 Set
  • Can Chanter Reeds: 2 Set


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