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What is the difference between Plaid and Tartan?

What is the difference between Plaid and Tartan?

While the two words share many similarities, they have distinct distinctions between “plaid” and” tartan” that need to be considered, especially with US and UK distinctions. “Tartan” is a term used to describe a cloth “tartan” refers to a type of cloth that is patterned with checkboxes interspersed lines, and more importantly, it is connected […]

What is Tartan Fabric?

What is Tartan Fabric? | Kilt Sale

Tartan Fabric Tartan textiles are plaid patterns with names and backgrounds that are connected to a specific Scottish family. Most of these unique designs are located in archives of the past or online databases as tartans from clans. However, first, we need to make a note regarding the terminology. In America, the words “plaid” or […]

What Is a Sport Kilt?

What Is a Sport Kilt? | Kilt Sale

A Sports Kilt is a classic kilt, similar to Scottish Tartan Kilts that are typically used for weddings. However, in this instance, the great kilt is different from wedding kilts. It’s a sports-themed Kilt, which is the reason for its name. It is designed for highland sporting events and games. Best Sport Kilts are lightweight […]

How Do You Create Kilt Flashers?

How Do You Create Kilt Flashers? | Kilt Sale

Create Kilt Flashers Kilts are traditional Scottish clothes, Tactical kilts for males and girls made from tartan wool. It is a symbol of the individuality of a Scottish clan. Kilts have become more fashionable with various styles and colors and are more incorporated into daily attire. Wearing great kilt flashers constructed from the same tartan […]