Are Kilts For Men Only?

Are Kilts for men only? | Kilt Sale

Kilts For Men

The kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment. Usually made of woolen cloth, kilts have a tartan pattern on them. However, the pattern and the type of cloth these are made of can change. By the time these great kilts are not only worn as a knee-length garment. These can also be worn as full-length dresses. In addition to its basic structure and type of cloth, it is made of, there are more options to choose from as per need. There are a variety of different kinds of kilts like utility kilts, tactical kilt

Kilts are wrapped around the body at the natural waist, mostly, from the lower rib to the hip. The pattern on these makes them unique and trendy. These are considered men’s wear. Its root describes the same but is these just men’s wear or women can also wear these? Through this article, we will find out if kilts are for men only.



The kilt is part of Scottish attire. It was first recorded in the 16th century. With time it evolved and since the 19th century, it is part of Scottish culture. It was and is part of the highland games. Men wear these kilts mostly on traditional occasions like these highland games. These were considered formal wear in past but now these are part of casual wear.


Kilts are for special occasions?

Kilts are not only worn as a formal dress at highland games. These can be worn as a formal, semi-formal, and casual dresses on any occasion. This is a symbol of patriotism and loyalty. Men wear these at highland games as it is part of the rule. So, it is not just an article of formal clothing to be worn on special occasions. Nowadays kilts are widely used in different parts of the world as a part of fashion trends as well.


Accessories with kilts:

Kilts usually do not have pockets so a bag can be used with the kilts for storage purposes. Pockets can also be added to kilts. Woolen socks are added to the attire to make it more attractive. A belt is used with kilts as well. Jackets with different designs give trendy look. A small knife can be a part of attire as well for a more traditional look. Ghillie shirt can also be added to complete a healthy look.


Can women wear kilts?

The attire is mostly attributed to men. Whenever someone thinks about kilts it is considered for men. Without any doubt men especially Scottish men wear kilts as national attire. It is also a source of attraction for Scottish women when Scottish men wear kilts. It is not restricted to men only. Women can also wear kilts. Women around the world wear kilts as a part of the trend. However, it is not very common as no of women wearing kilts is of course minimal as compared to men.


The kilt is part of Scottish attire but it is not only for Scottish people. Anyone can wear a kilt if he/ she finds it suitable for him/ her. If someone likes to wear a kilt it is not only that there must be a connection with Scottish culture. Although kilts are not very common in many places of the world but with time with the changing trends kilts will spread all around the world. In the fashion world, there is always a need for something new and trendy. Kilts can prove to be handy in this regard and a no of customization options can make them more attractive. Customization according to the culture and trends can prove to help introduce these kilts in the fashion world. This effort can also prove to help introduce kilts to women as well. So more and more women can wear kilts as well as men.