Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit – 12 pcs

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Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit

For the best feeling, while wearing a Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit that makes you comfortable and unique. This complete outfit is made from top-quality materials by the best craftsmen in the trade. This Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit is a masterpiece in a class of its own.

Our company offers 12 pcs Scottish outfit for our clients. What we offer in this package

Tuxedo Shirt: We are selling the white shirt in this package. Our Scottish shirts are designed for every event. It is available in all sizes.

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket: We are selling the Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket in this package. Our Prince Charlie Kilt Jackets are designed for every event. It is available in all sizes.

Black Watch Tartan Kilt: The Black Watch Tartan is one of the popular tartans in which this kilt is made. We have used 16oz tartan which is why our tartan kilts are durable and heavy. You can wear this tartan kilt at any place.

Black Watch Tartan Flashes: The flashes of Black Watch Tartan are also included in this kilt package.

Rabbit Fur Kilt Sporran: White rabbit fur kilt sporran is made with high-quality chrome polished cantle. This Rabbit fur Sporran comes with a full-length adjustable belt and chain.

Kilt Leather Belt: There is a leather kilt belt included in this package

Kilt Belt Buckle: There is a belt buckle that has a chrome-plated finish and these are designed to fit all standard kilt belts to easily attach to any of the kilt belts.

Kilt Brooch: Beautiful Metal brooch is included in this package by which you can fasten the fly plaid

Fly Plaid: Black Watch Tartan or other cotton color fly plaid make you a true Scotsman

Kilt Pin: It is a metallic 4 inches kilt pin.

Hose: A pair of white Hose is included in this package

Brogue: You can choose your matching brogues with this outfit


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