Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt Outfit Package- 6 pcs

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Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt Outfit Package

Our company offers 6 pcs Scottish outfit for our clients. What we offer in this package

Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt: The Royal Stewart is one of the popular tartans in which this kilt is made. We have used 16oz which is why our tartan kilts are durable and heavy. You can wear this tartan kilt at any place.

Royal Stewart Tartan Flashes: The flashes of Royal Stewart tartan are also included in this kilt package.

Kilt Leather Belt: This kilt belt comes in a beautiful buckle with your choice of chrome, black, antique, or brass hardware.

2 Kilt Belt Buckle: There are 2 belt buckle that have a chrome-plated finish and these are designed to fit all standard kilt belts to easily attach to any of the kilt belts.

Hose: A pair of white Hose is included in this package


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