Irish Kilt

Brief History Of Irish Kilt

Brief History Of Irish Kilt

The Irish men kilt is not new. It is an old history of the Irish tartan kilts. However, we all know that kilts are derived from Scotland, which is the father region of the kilts. Irish Kilt, The Scottish kilts were discovered in this region, but after the 17th century, the Irish people took an interest in this comfortable dress.

The king of the Ireland of that time transfers the Scottish culture into the land of Ireland. At that that the great kilt was worn by the people, which was the whole length cloth. The tartan fabric was used to cover the entire body and helps in defense at the time of war. The traditional form of the kilt is still available today, and classic lovers wear a wide range of these great kilts. If you want to wear a great kilt, you don’t need to wear other garments such as underwear, shirts etc. The great kilt is the complete Scottish outfit.

Now we back to the Irish history, in the 17th century, only military people or king was allowed to wear the full-length tartan cloth. The great kilt was not designed for the general public; after a decade, Ireland’s general public was also allowed to wear such comfortable clothing. The people of Ireland wore the great kilt for regular wear and made different things with the tartan fabric, such as cushions, blankets, shawls, socks, etc.

In the mid 17th century, the government imposes restrictions on the general public to use woollen cloth. This restriction imposes because they misuse the traditional dress. Finally, after more than 100 years, the people of Ireland were allowed to wear the great kilt. With time, the great kilt turns out into a shorter dress which is extremely popular these days.

The Symbolic Saffron Kilt

The Saffron kilt is the symbol tartan kilt for the people of Ireland. The Saffron and green are the traditional country’s colours of Scotland. Like a black watch, Ramsay blue and granite grey tartan colours for Scottish kilts, Saffron is Ireland’s favourite colour. Furthermore, the Saffron kilt is also loved by Scotland, the USA, New Zealand and other popular kilt countries.

The saffron tartan kilt is soft, comfortable and best to wear at parties. Mostly this tartan kilt Irish is worn at military events, weddings, and other parties. The saffron tartan kilt is similar in shape to other tartan kilts. This kilt saffron has two belt loops, straps and buckles and sewn pleats at the backside. If you want to become a faithful Irish man, then you must wear the Saffron kilt. The Saffron tartan is the Yellowish mustard colour which is the bright colour among various Scottish tartan colours. The Saffron kilt is also a customized kilt like a black watch and other tartans. A kilt lover can add pockets, more belt loops, buttons, studs, leather patches, zips and other utility features to make this Wool Irish kilt even more attractive. The Saffron tartan is a soft woollen fabric that is best for older adults.

Modern Irish Kilts
Modern Irish Kilts

Scottish Tartans Vs Irish Tartans

The Scottish tartans are different in design; it has different plaid patterns. The patterns of Irish tartans are also different and depends on the national colour of Ireland. The Scottish kilts have more tartans than Irish which you can easily find in the Scottish tartan registrar. You can also easily access the tartans’ Irish tartans, but they are lesser than Scottish tartans. Although the Scottish tartans are more popular, one of the Irish tartans is famous in Scotland and the surrounding regions, the USA, Canada, and other popular countries. It is named Saffron tartan. We have many Scottish customers who love to buy Saffron kilts for specific events. Many soldiers, military men also like this colour. The Saffron tartan also has equal importance as a black watch, granite and other universal tartans.

Modern Irish Kilts

Well, the USA Irish kilts saw in a traditional form, but at the start of the 21st century, there was a modern form of Irish men kilts available in the market. These kilts have the tartan fabric but other useful utility things and exciting features such as metal zips, chains, belt loops, studs, fancy straps, leather straps, leather patches, unique design pockets, laces, hooks and other awesome stuff which make them Royal or luxury kilts. You can wear such precious dresses at fashion events and parties. Moreover, the modern form of Irish tartan Kilts are heavier than traditional form of kilts and specially designed for those people who love fashion dresses.

Where To Buy Irish Kilts

Well, it is a common question for the newbie who wanted to try an Irish tartan kilt. The Irish kilt USA is rare, unlike Scottish tartan kilts. Although various renowned kilt-makers have this tartan and can make any traditional Irish kilt according to the customer’s requirement, they charge more money than usual. Many famous companies set prices more than $300 for a single Saffron Irish kilt which is beyond the budget of the kilt lover. The cost of a single kilt must not be $100. So, for buying an Irish kilt tartan, there is must be a suitable company that makes high-quality kilts at a budgeted price.

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