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Kilts for men

Kilts For Men

Kilts for men
Kilts for men

Many people don’t know about kilt because it is the new terminology in the garment fashion. We all know the worldwide acceptable fashion is pants, shirts, coats, jackets, trousers, leggings and shorts. These are the common fashions in every region of the world i,e Asia, Australia, America, Middle East, Europe, etc. Most Asian and Middle East people don’t know about the concept of kilts because they are not familiar with the culture of Scotland and Ireland. The kilt becomes a common fashion like other garments in not more than 10 years.

Kilts For Men, These kilts are the Scotland traditional dress. The origin of this traditional dress is Scotland but after few centuries, Ireland also accepts this fashion as a tradition. Not every garment fashion has more varieties and designs, the pant shirts only have some common designs and fabrics. In today’s modern era, every modern man wants to wear a new design fashion which makes him a better personality in the whole gathering of people. The kilt is now an attractive and unique dress that always gives an attractive look to the kilt wearer. Currently, there are unlimited types and designs of kilts available in the market. If you are only searching for the best kilt for a wedding then you must have to spend a lot of hours in order to find the best and suitable kilt for your wedding.

In Scotland and other European cities, the kilts are now a passion among teenagers. The main reason for wearing a kilt is comfortability. You will never comfort while wearing pants, Kilts For Men, shorts and other tight bottom wears because it makes it difficult to walk. The other garments put pressure on the stomach and you cannot eat or sit properly and never attained a long hours wedding.

Brief History of The Kilts For Men

Kilts For Men, Before discussing the benefits and importance of kilts in your life, we must discuss the short history of the kilts. The information about kilts is important for the newbies, so they must know how the fashion came into being. The current designs of kilts have not come suddenly, it has taken a while to come. In the ancient area, approximately the 16th century, (discovery of the kilt). On that period of time, there was a full tartan shawl or a full piece of tartan cloth worn by the army men. The German and Scottish people worn that woolen cloth to cover the whole body and it was used at war. At that time, the general public was not allowed to cover the whole body of the tartan cloth.

Soldiers wore woolen clothes not only for defense but also to protect themselves from the cold weather. The government only allows soldiers to wear these fuller length cloth. It was the unstitched cloth that is still worn by the people and it is known as the Great kilt or outlander kilt. The great kilt or outlander kilt is worn in many countries of the world and it is a premium dress than today’s short kilts.

Tartan Cloth For General Public

With the passage of time, the tartan full-length cloth was also worn by the general public. They not only wore the tartan plaid to cover the body but they also make cushions, blankets, and other necessary things.

There were only a few tartan colors available at that time. Kilts For Men, There was no concept of modern tartans or pocket-style kilts or dress. The ancient tartans were worn and made with the original wool fabric. These wool tartan plaids are soft, thin, and comfortable. People were happy because the tartan plaid makes them warm in the winter, they don’t need to purchase other things to make them warm.

After the 17th century, these people again switched into other dresses because the government imposes banned on using tartan plaid in any form such as cushions, blankets, shawls, carpets, etc. We will be going to discuss the government banned on kilts in the next paragraph.

Government Banned

The government of that time imposes banned on wearing tartan plaids in any form. This banned is imposed on the general public, so that the tartan plaid was only wearable for military purposes. Kilts For Men,  There was a shortage of wool in that era and it was the reason the government takes steps.

The government was taken necessary steps in this regards

  • Banned the use of tartan cloth in cushions, shawls, blankets, and other items
  • The general public was not allowed to wear tartan plaid
  • Six months imprisonment for culprit
  • Heavy fine on the culprit
  • Take more strict actions if the person doing again

The general public disagreed with the government’s decisions. Many rallies and processions took place against the decisions. Due to the procession, the government had to consider the views of the people. Permission was granted again after some time.

Rallies And Processions

Due to rallies and processions, the government granted permission to use the tartan cloth to the general public. People were wearing unstitched tartan cloth before the beginning of the 19th century. This was the only Scottish and Irish fashion at that time because there was no concept of short dresses. Kilts For Men, Many tartan experts work hard to meet the fashion industry and at last, they discovered the short tartan dress which was happily worn at the beginning of the 19th century. That short dress was known as tartan kilt or a traditional kilt which is a popular traditional dress in today’s life. We are going to discuss more the discovery of the tartan kilt or a traditional kilt in the next paragraph.

Discovery Of Traditional Kilts

The traditional kilts were discovered in the 19th century and it was not only popular in Scotland but also in Ireland and other small nations. The tartan kilts were made with the real wool fabric but there were few tartan colors available. These few tartans were ancient but still popular nowadays. The Tartan kilts were shorter in length and similar to shorts but these kilts were comfortable and flexible. In that kilts, there was no concept of pockets, belt loops, and other essential basic features which you may seen in today’s kilt.

The traditional tartan kilts are also popular in many countries of the world and people worn at various places. These short dresses are popular dresses for weddings but many people wear these short kilts at parties, night events, picnics, and other places. Kilts For Men, We can customize the kilts as we have tailors but in that ancient times, there was no concept of customizations. We are going to discuss the main characteristics of the traditional kilts.

Characteristics Of Traditional Kilts

  • Leather Straps With Buckles
  • Sewn Pleats

Straps With Buckles

The traditional kilts have black leather straps with adjustable silver buckles for adjustable fitting. This is the only way to fasten the traditional style kilts but these kilts are comfortable and provide full freedom as compared to other garment fashion i.e, pants, trousers, shorts, and leggings.

Sewn Pleats

The tailors sewed the pleats at the backsides of these kilts and it is the necessary element of a Scottish kilt. Kilts For Men,  Without sewn pleats, these traditional kilts never are called kilts, so this is an important element of a traditional tartan kilt.

Kilts For Men Modern Form Of Kilts

At the start of the 20th century, there was a huge discovery in the traditional kilts. The tartan kilts have come with pockets, belt loops, tartan straps, and buckles. There were more features of the tartan utility-style kilts at that time. Here are the advanced features of the utility-style tartan kilts

  • Storage Pockets
  • Belt Loops
  • Tartan Straps With Buckles
  • Buttons And Studs
  • Fitting With Buttons

Storage Pockets

Kilts For Men, The traditional utility tartan kilts have storage pockets for keeping items and this was a great step in the field of the kilts. Without pockets, we cannot keep our small things and other important business documents that is why these are the essential and most important features of the utility-style tartan kilt.

Belt Loops

The belt loops are the small vertical tartan straps. We can easily wear bigger size Scottish belts and other belts with these belt loops. The belt loops provide a good option for those kilt lovers who want to wear tight-fitting dresses.

Tartan Straps With Buckles

The traditional style kilts have leather straps but the utility-style tartan kilts have tartan straps for fitting. This is the main difference between traditional-style kilts and utility-style kilts. The tartan straps are also fully adjustable which you can adjust where you want.

Buttons And Studs

The traditional style kilts do not have any metal hardware except buckles. The buttons and studs make a kilt more beautiful. This hardware decorates every type of kilts not only tartan kilts. Currently, there are four types of hardware available in the market which are

  • Antique Brass
  • Silver Chrome
  • Matt Black
  • Gold Pleated

Fitting With Buttons

You don’t need to fasten the kilt straps and buckles, in these kilts, there are waist buttons. Everyone can easily fasten the kilt with these beautiful buttons. So we can say that utility-style kilts are more flexible bottom wear than traditional style kilts but everyone has their own opinion.

Kilts For Men Interested In Buying Kilts?

After reading the above short information about kilts, you may feel the kilts are the most comfortable, flexible, durable, and easy-to-wear bottom wear, unlike pants, shorts, and leggings. It is the exciting dresses which make you active and fresh all the time. You will never face any common male problems such as anxiety, itching, sweating, etc.

Many people feel excited to buy this stuff but they may have many questions in their minds. Kilts For Men, We are going to discuss the best platform where you buy your favorite kilts according to your designs and requirements. Kiltsale is the best USA-based kilts shop where you will find every type of kilts such as great kilt or outlander kilt, tartan kilt, tartan utility-style kilts for men, and so on.

Our kilts not only meet the quality standard but also enhances your personality whenever you wear them. We not only make kilts for men but also for women, so they can feel better.

What Do We Offer?

We offer every type of men and women kilts in various high-quality fabrics. Our kilts quality are not only appreciated in the USA but also in other kilt-wearing countries which mainly includes Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, etc. We are going to discuss some types of kilts with you.

  1. Utility Kilts
  2. Hybrid Kilts
  3. Camouflage Kilts
  4. Tartan Kilts

Utility Kilts

Kilts For Men, These kilts are mostly manufactured with cotton fabric but it is not necessary, there are a lot of kilts that we made in tartan fabric. All these kilts are also called modern kilts because these kilts have more features than utility kilts and more attractive for those people who love to wear unique and modern bottom wears every time. The main characteristics of the utility-style Scottish kilts are snap poppers, small studs, buttons, buckles, chains, d rings, o rings, pockets, hooks, etc. You will find a huge collection of men kilts by exploring our men utility kilt category.

Hybrid Kilts

The hybrid is the utility-style kilts but it has two or more than two fabrics. The second color in these types of kilts is in the pleats and pockets while the main color is on the whole kilt body. We make most of the hybrid style kilts in the black matt hardware but our company can customize the hardware according to the requirement or order of the customers.

Camouflage Kilts

We use the special army design cotton fabric for making these kilts. In the past, only military men wear these types of kilts but now the general public can wear the kilts in public places with pride and style without any restrictions. Kilts For Men, The fabric of the Camo is an expensive one and it is also available in different designs. Our Kilt company makes not only kilts in that Camo fabrics but also trews, caps, Sporrans, coats and other men’s wear.

Tartan Kilts

As we have discussed many times above, these are the traditional or ancient style kilts that are still popular in almost every kilt-wearing country. Not only old people but also ancient lovers love to buy traditional Scottish dresses. We have not only traditional tartan kilts but also Great kilts and utility-style tartan kilts for our fashion lovers.

Kilts For Men, So you can see our company offers too many types and a lot of options to choose the best one. The main attractive feature of our kilt store is to provide a high-quality product at the lowest price.

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