How To Make Kilts For Men

How To Make Kilts For Men

Apparels In This Era

There are many apparels out there in this modern era. Some apparels are common and worn in every corner of the globe. Although there are too many apparels,  these apparels are designed for special purposes. You cannot wear them for your daily activities or routine life. If you are a lover of apparel then there is must be apparel that is wearable not only at public places but also at home.

Best Apparel These Days

The Scottish apparel or kilt is the best apparel among all apparel. This apparel is not only designed for every place but it has exciting features which are not available in any apparel and bottom wear. The Scottish kilt is the wrapped apparel that is worn at the waist to the knee of the wearer. You can wear this Scottish apparel in such a way that the front body side has a plain part of the apparel while the back body side has a pleated part of the apparel.

The Scottish kilt looks like a skirt but a modern skirt for boys not like girls’ skirts. It has more features than a skirt which makes this apparel as a premium apparel. Furthermore, the apparel in which the kilt is made is also high quality that is why the kilt is the expensive bottom wear among other bottom wears such as pants, trousers, shorts, etc.

How To Make Kilts For Men

How To Make Kilts For Men?

As we discussed above, the kilts are the expensive fabric and some kilts are available for more than 500$. These kilts are made with real animal skin and real fabric. A low salaried person cannot afford to buy the kilts but he can make the kilt if he follows our guide. This is an interesting article for not only new people but also for those who cannot afford to buy a kilt. You must have a pen and notebook in order to understand better How To Make Kilts For Men?

Steps For Making Scottish Kilt

This is the easiest kilt-making guide which helps you make the best quality with minimum expenditure. The necessary steps for making the Scotland kilts are

  • Measurement
  • Tools For Making Kilt
  • Calculate The Fabric
  • Making Pleats
  • Making Waistband
  • Adding Belt Loops
  • Making Pockets
  • Adding Straps And Buckles


The kilt measurement is simple but you should never rely upon the size of the pant or trousers. Pant and trouser waist size will never be the same for the kilt. The Scottish kilt is made according to the exact waist of the person, and the exact waist is always 2-4 inches more than that of other bottom wears. Always measure your waist, length, and hip before making the standard kilts for men.

  1. Kilt Waist Measurement
  2. Hip Size Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

1-  Kilt Waist Measurement
This is an important measurement and for accurate body waist measurement, your upper body should be naked. You must have an accurate measuring tape for this purpose and that measuring tape should wrap around your waist. However, you can do it yourself but for exact waist measurement, must take help from a friend.

2- Hip Size Measurement

This is very important if you or a wearer have a wider hip. Measure the biggest part of the hip with the standard measuring tape but you cannot do this measurement, must take help from your family member.

3- Measure the Length Size

This is the total length of the kilt and for this measurement, you should measure from the body waist of the belly button to the knee cap. As a general, the length must be up to the upper knee cap but you can set your own length according to your style.

How To Make Kilts For Men

Tools For Making Kilt

The required tools for making every type of kilt are given below

  1. Chalk
  2. Fabric
  3. Matching Thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Pins
  7. Iron
  8. Tailors Tape

Calculate The Fabric

The fabric calculation for every type of kilt is different i.e, tartan kilt and utility kilt. If you want to cut the fabric for the front apron of the tartan kilt then the fabric should be 1/2 of the waist. On the other hand, the fabric for the front apron of the utility-style kilt would be 1/3 of the waist. For pleat calculation, the fabric would be waist size divided by 3, multiply by 8 and add an extra inch.

Making Pleats

The size of each pleat should be 2 inches, folds a half-inch, and sew with the best standard sewing machine. You can do the same at the bottom part of the pleat. You can use the pins for accurate pleating. Furthermore, you can use the best iron for ironing the pleats according to the quality standard.

Making Waist Band

The waistband is an important part of making the utility-style kilt. If your waist is 36 inches then you must add 1 or 1.5 inches as the waistband.

Adding Belt Loops

In every utility-style kilt, the belt loops must be minimum of 4. The standard length is 1inch while the width of each belt loop is 2 inches.

Making Of Pockets

In every utility-style kilt, pockets play a very important part in storing important items. The depth of the pocket is 8 inches and every pocket has a button but every kilt design is different from other utility kilts.

Straps And Buckles

The straps and buckles are necessary for the traditional kilts for adjustable fitting but these things can also be included in the utility-style kilts. You must cut the two or three straps with the same quantity of metal buckles for adjustable fitting.

Final Words

This is the easy guide for How To Make Kilts For Men? This guide is not only designed for the non-Scottish people but also for those who cannot able to purchase expensive kilts.