What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Kilt And Accessories

The Scottish kilt and its accessories stood side by side. Kilt and accessories are complementary. Only the Scottish kilt will resemble the skirt, so it cannot give a true picture of the Scottish heritage. Although the base of the Scottish heritage is a kilt but only kilt never attracts non-Scottish people to this beautiful heritage. There is an addition of other things with the kilts such as Sporrans, shoes, hoses, kilt pin, hat, brooch, fly plaid, etc. 

The Scottish accessories enhance the qualities of the kilt, so it is the necessary part. If you want to go to a wedding, then you must wear the necessary accessories with the kilt. There are, however, too many accessories but only a few accessories are compulsory with the Scottish kilt.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Important Accessories With The Kilt

The accessories make you an attractive look in front of your friends and colleagues. If you wearing the clan kilt then you must wear a white or black hose with shoes. These are the compulsory accessories with your clan kilt. Furthermore, spice your look by adding flashes, kilt pin, and Sporran. There is a complete list of Scottish and Irish accessories but wear just necessary things at particular places.

In this article, we will be going to discuss, one of the attractive accessories with you which is shoes. Like kilt, people also look at the design and quality of the shoes of the kilt wearer. There are too many types and designs of shoes available to wear with the Scottish clan tartan kilt but you must have detailed information about every type of shoe. Some are casual shoes that you can wear with any kilt or other bottom wear and there is no rule of wearing them at a specific place. While there are also specific Scottish shoes for special events. So, understanding every shoe is very important.

Shoes For Specific Places

These Scottish shoes have special purposes, so you can understand which shoe is best for your Scottish event. You should not wear the same design and type of shoe every place. It is the beauty of the Scottish culture that every shoe is designed for a particular place.

There are special shoes for hunting, mountaineering, parties, weddings, Highland sports, and games. Therefore, if you want to go on mountaineering then you must go for high-heeled shoes. Similarly, for weddings and parties, you should wear brogues because these are acceptable shoes in these places. Oxford, highland, and leather boots are best for winter and casual places. So, every shoe has a special meaning and purpose.

Where To Find Kilt Shoes?

The kilt shoes are for the Scottish and Irish people but it does not mean the shoe finding is difficult. You can easily buy your favorite kilt shoes at any highland shop. These Highland shops are available widely in Scotland, Ireland, and some states of the United States. This approach is only for those people who live in these areas.

If you live in other regions or don’t have time to visit these shops then you can buy kilt shoes and other kilt accessories online. Although there are many online stores from which you can buy but the best online store is the kilt sale. Our company offers a wide range of kilt shoes at affordable prices.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?

There are many shoes which you can wear with your clan and other casual shoes. We will discuss the major shoes in this paragraph, so everyone can understand “What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?”.

  • Brogues
  • Highland Boots
  • Leather Boots
  • Oxfords


The brogues are the premium Scottish shoes that are widely used in Scottish weddings and other ceremonies. These brogues are made in pure leather and available in two colors black and brown. The brogues are the favorite Scottish shoes and these shoes are divided into two broad classifications Ghillie Brogue and Day brogue.

Ghillie Brogues

These are perfect wedding shoes that have long laces and are made with real leather fabric. These shoes are the oldest form of kilt shoes and do not have a tongue like in day brogues.

Day Brogues

The day brogues are casual Scottish shoes and best designed for day events such as office meetings and other places. These brogues have tongues but small or average laces. This type of brogues is also made with real animal skin and available in both popular colors i.e, brown and black.

Highland Boots

These are the best boots for winter and you can wear these boots with a kilt and other bottom wears. Furthermore, in winter, these Highland boots will make you warm.

Leather Boots

These are mostly worn with casual outfits. You can wear these leather boots with denim kilts and a formal shirt. At parties and general meetings, these boots are best for you.


These are casual and semi-formal shoes for everyday wear. You can wear it with your favorite Scottish or non-Scottish outfit. There is no restriction on wearing these shoes at other places.

Final Words

In this article, we not only elaborate on What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt but also gives you a detailed explanation of the importance of this kilt accessory. If you like this interesting kilt shoe article, then share it with your colleagues and friends.