How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt

Why Kilt Is A Fashion

Before knowing how to measure a kilt? you should know about this fashionable dress. The Scottish kilt is nowadays not less than a unique fashion. In the USA, Germany, and France, not only modern kilts are appreciated but also traditional Scottish kilts. The traditional Scottish kilts are made with wool which is commonly known as traditional tartan kilts. In developed countries, the Scottish culture is appreciated by the general public. Many popular actors and tv personalities of the USA also like this Scottish apparel. In upcoming years, the Scottish kilt will not only be common bottom wear in the USA but also in Middle east countries.

How To Measure A Kilt

Measuring the kilt is very easy but people never take importance in the kilt measurement. They feel it is time-consuming for them to measure the Scottish kilts. Although it saves you from many problems. You can save your precious money if you spent precious time measuring the Scottish kilt. You only need a few important things before starting measuring. The essential things for measurements are

How To Measure A Kilt

  • Measuring Tape
  • A friend or family member
  • Pen
  • Notebook

Steps For measuring The Kilt

We categorized the kilt measurement into three major steps. By following these measuring steps you will be able to know How To Measure A Kilt. You should note down these steps carefully in your notebook.

Step 1: Waist Measurement

The waist measurement is an important step if you measure for Scottish apparel and it is not the same as the waist of other bottom-wear. This is always different because the kilt is made according to the exact waist or belly button of the kilt wearer. For this measurement, you must take help from your friend because you cannot measure yourself. You must stand up straight, breathe normally and never hold your breath as it leads to improper waist measurement.

After that, your friend should wrap the measuring tape around your waist to get the size of your waist. Remember, never trust your old kilts and jeans size. The kilt always has more waist than jeans or pant waist.

Step 2: Seat Measurement

The seat measurement is the second most important step for kilt measurement. Although this is not a compulsory step for those who have thinner hips. This measurement is for that person who has big buttocks. If that person wears the kilts without hip measurement then-new kilt may stuck on the buttocks. In this step, your friend should measure the widest part of your hip with the standard measuring tape to get the hip size.

How To Measure A Kilt

Step 3: Length Measurement

Well, the Scottish kilts are customized apparel and anyone can wear the kilt according to their own choice. You can also set your own kilt length. However, the standard kilt length according to the Scottish rules is up to the knee cap. In this measurement, you also stand straight like in waist measurement. After standing straight, your friend should place the how to tie a kilt measuring tape at one end and drop that tape down to the knee cap. The measurement of these two points is your kilt length. Moreover, the average kilt length is 24 inches but it varies from person to person, so always measure your kilt first before placing an order.


By reading this interesting article, you can now understand How To Measure A Kilt in the easiest way. You only need to learn the above steps, these are necessary steps for every kilt lover. If you like this measuring article then share on social media with your friends.

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