How To Tie A Kilt

How To Tie A Kilt

How To Tie A Kilt

Many people don’t know How To Tie A Kilt. Well, wearing a tie with the Scottish kilt is simple as you wear the tie with your casual shirts. Tie a knot is the same as other formal and formal shirts, you may witness the Scottish outfits. The complete Scottish outfit has everything including a tie. So, it is not as difficult as your think but it needs the practice to get a perfect knot for your tie.

The tie is the essential part of the Scottish outfit which we cannot ignore but other parts of the Scottish attire are also very important. In this article, we are going to explain every necessary Scottish accessory which is part of the Scottish outfit.

How To Tie A Kilt

What To Put On A Kilt

There are many accessories that must be included in the outfit to become a true Scotsman. Some accessories are only worn at some special places, not every place. As you know the Scottish kilt is the most important part of Scottish attire and without a kilt, you cannot become a Scottish man. It is the symbol of Scotland and has more importance than other kilt accessories. In the next paragraph, we are going to discuss some important accessories which you must wear with your kilt.

Accessories For Scottish Attire

Below is the list of some popular Scottish accessories which you must wear with your Scottish kilts.

  • Tie
  • Bow
  • Shirt
  • Kilt Jacket
  • Ghillie Shirt
  • Sporran
  • Flashes
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Kilt Pin
  • Hose
  • Brogues


We discussed above How To Tie A Kilt, it is simple as wearing a tie with your shirts. In Scottish attire, you don’t need to wear different color ties. You can wear the same matching tie according to your tartan kilt.


The bow is the alternate of the tie. If you don’t want to wear a tie with your casual shirt then you can wear the bow. There is no restriction on wearing a tartan bow with your How To Measure A Kilt, you can wear it at any event.


The shirt here is a casual shirt, not a Scottish shirt. The casual black, red and white shirts are also worn with the kilt jackets. It is mostly worn at wedding ceremonies. You can wear your favorite dress shirt which matches your Scottish attire.

Kilt Jacket

The kilt jacket is the most important outfit for weddings and other special Scottish events i.e, new year’s nights. There are too many beautiful design kilt jackets available. Every kilt jacket design is different than other casual or dress jackets. These kilt jackets have unique design buttons which are placed at shoulders, cuffs, and other parts of the jacket.

Ghillie Shirt

The ghillie shirt is the traditional Scottish shirt that has been worn since ancient times. You cannot wear this Scottish traditional shirt with a kilt jacket. You can wear this shirt with your kilt and other bottom wears such as pants, trousers or shorts.


The Sporran is an important accessory of the kilt attire. Nowadays, the Sporran is not only a pocket, it is a luxury kilt accessory. There are many designs of Sporrans available in our store i.e, flag Sporrans, animal skin Sporrans, Day Sporrans, and printed Sporrans. Our Sporrans will make you an attractive personality at weddings.


The flashes are worn under the hose in such a way that few areas of the flashes are visible. You can wear cotton and tartan flashes with your tartan kilt.

How To Tie A Kilt

Sgian Dubh

This is the traditional Scottish knife placed under the hose. Highlanders always have this knife which is more useful in defense. This kilt accessory is also available in beautiful designs, you can choose according to your outfit.

Kilt Pin

The kilt pin is a pin that is placed below part of the tartan kilt.


The hose is the bigger size socks worn by Scottish men. This pair of socks is not available in non-Scottish countries. This is a special pair of socks which are available in different colors.


The brogues are premium leather shoes for Scottish and Irish men. These shoes are unique in design and have longer laces than casual shoes. This is the compulsory accessory with a kilt jacket.

Final Words

In this interesting article, we understand the tie in a kilt and other important kilt accessories. If you like this important kilt outfit article then share it with your close friends and family members.