How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

The Scottish man loves to wear a kilt in commando form because it is the traditional way of wearing the kilt. A Scotland-born person always feels uncomfortable whenever he wears jeans or pants. So, the true way of wearing the traditional tartan kilt is to How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman without anything. If you want to become a true Scotsman, you also add accessories with your kilt. If you don’t know the necessary accessories of a Scottish outfit then understand this article thoroughly.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman? The Scotsman not only wear tartan kilt according to his clan but also matching Sporran, flashes, fly plaid, tie, bows, kilt jackets and other important things.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

Are you Scottish or wanted to become a true Scotsman, you must understand the tartan, traditional kilt, and kilt accessories. You will look different from others by wearing full Scottish attire. The normal wedding outfits include pants, a shirt, coat, tie, socks, belt, and shoes. However, the Scottish wedding outfits have more things which make you attractive personality in front of a huge gathering of people.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman

What Are The Accessories

In this paragraph, we not only discuss kilt but also important wedding accessories which you must wear at Scottish weddings and festivals.

  • Scottish kilt
  • Kilt Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Belt & Buckle
  • Sporran
  • Hose
  • Flashes
  • Fly Plaid
  • Shoes

Scottish Kilt

The Scottish kilt itself is the base of the Scotland culture and the essential part of the wedding outfit. However, there are many kilts but you must wear the traditional tartan kilt with your outfit. If you have a clan then it is good otherwise you can wear any popular clan tartan kilt with your kilt jacket and other accessories.

Kilt Jacket

The kilt jacket is the jacket for the Scotsman and it is the original wool-made jacket. The jacket you mostly wear at your weddings is not actually made with wool. There are too many kilt jackets which Scotsman wear at weddings but prince Charlie jacket is the best and attractive jacket for Scottish weddings. This jacket has premium quality rust-free metal buttons and studs which increases your Scottish personality.


You can wear dress shirts or Ghillie shirts with your wedding dress. There is no restriction for Scottish guys but if you want to look like a Scotsman then we suggest you wear Ghillie shirts instead of normal white or black shirts. Furthermore, you can also wear Ghillie shirts with your trews, trousers, and pants. The Ghillie shirt is acceptable all over the world and anyone can wear this shirt.

Belt & Buckle

The Scottish leather belt is the real leather belt which you can wear with your trews and kilts. There are separate metal buckles available for every kilt wearer. You can wear your favorite buckle according to the tartan kilt. These belts and buckles cannot be wearable with pants and shorts.

How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman


There are too many varieties of the Scottish Sporrans available in our kilt sale store. The Sporran is the extra pocket that is the necessary accessory with the traditional clan kilt. Leather, fur, hair, and chrome are the best-selling Sporrans which you can wear at your Scottish weddings.


These are the big size socks which must be worn at Scottish weddings. You can wear hose with your Scottish shoes i.e, brogues. Like other small size socks, How To Tie A Kilt the kilt hose is also available in different colors.


Mostly tartan flashes are worn by the Scotsman but you have a choice and likeness. You can wear other fabric flashes with your Scottish kilt, so there is much flexibility in this Scottish culture.

Tie & Bows

Ties and bows can also be common colors i.e, blue, red, white, black, so you can wear these accessories according to your choice.


You cannot wear casual shoes with the kilt, the kilt is different apparel, and the shoes designed for a kilt are called a brogue. The brogue is the pure leather shoes which are available in black and brown color. It has a nose and long laces by which you can fasten the shoes.


The Scottish culture is the most flexible culture present today. By reading this interesting article about How To Wear A Kilt Like A True Scotsman, you can know the importance of kilt and its accessories.