How To Properly Wear A Kilt

How To Properly Wear A Kilt

How To Properly Wear A Kilt

How To Properly Wear A Kilt? Well, it is not as difficult as most people think. It is very easy but you must have a proper understanding of the kilt and the fabric in which kilt is made. You must also know your waist and length size. Many people may have knowledge about kilt and how to wear a kilt but they don’t know about tartans and other important things. In this article, we will help you out in solving your common issues regarding kilt.

Proper Way To Wear The Kilt

You must wear the Scottish kilt at the knee length and wrapped around the waist in such a way that the plain side is at the front side while the pleated side is at the backside. If you put or order more pleats at the backside of your kilt then it will attract the viewers because it is the most eye-catching area of the kilt. Nowadays, there is much customization in the Scottish kilts, the rule is to wear at the waist and the length must be at the knee but people wear long and loose-fitting kilts. The fashion of the kilts moves rapidly in all states of the United States.

How To Properly Wear A Kilt

Important For Wearing A Kilt

In order to wear a perfect and accurate size kilt, you must know about the fabric and your size. Without knowing, you cannot wear a kilt perfectly. So two essential things you must be aware

  • Fabric
  • Size


There are too many fabrics in which Scottish kilt is being made. The common fabrics are cotton, denim, leather, tweed, and wool. The tartan is made in wool which is the common and primary fabric of the kilt. This tartan is a criss-cross pattern and there are more than 5000 tartans available. You can choose your own tartan according to your clan. In the next paragraph, we are going to discuss the basic types of tartans

  1. Clan Tartan
  2. District Tartan
  3. Universal Tartan

These three are the broad classifications of the tartans. It helps you in sorting out your required tartan in which you want your Scottish tactical kilt.

Clan Tartan: It is the royal tartan that has a history and is specially designed for Royal families of Scotland. Every royal family has its own tartan which is called a clan. There are no restrictions if someone wears these tartans.

District Tartan: It represents a city, state, or country. Every country and state has its own tartan which represents the nation. If you are a USA citizen and wanted to show your love towards the USA then you can wear USA tartan.

Universal Tartan: These are casual tartans specially designed for the non-Scottish person. If you are not Scottish then you can wear any of these tartans. These are more popular and wearable tartans than above tartans. Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Ramsay, etc are the popular tartans.

How To Properly Wear A Kilt


After choosing the right tartan fabric, you must know about your kilt waist and kilt length. The kilt waist and kilt length are never the same as your ordinary waist and length. Normally the kilt waist is 2 to 4 inches more than that of a pant waist but you must know how to measure the kilt correctly. If you are a newbie then you must follow our measuring guide in order to know your exact waist and length.

  1. Kilt Waist
  2. Hip / Seat Size
  3. Kilt Length

The above three are the important measurement in order to wear a Scottish kilt. You must have an accurate size of these three measurements before wearing a proper fitting kilt.

Kilt Waist: It is the most important measurement for everyone, without accurate measurement you may wear a tight-fitting kilt. For accurate measurement, you must wrap the measuring tape around your body. You must stand erect and breathe normally as well as you can take help from your friend for this waist measurement.

Hip / Seat Size: This measurement is important for those who have wider hip size. If you only measure your waist then the kilt may stuck on your hip. So, it is an important measurement and you should measure the widest part of your hip for accurate measurement.

Kilt Length: The kilt length is the length of the kilt from where you want. Normally the length is at the knee but the Scottish kilts are customizable and you can set your own length. For accurate measurement, you should drop the measuring tape down the knee or where you want to set your length.


By understanding the useful information in this article, you can easily know How To Properly Wear A Kilt?