How To Sit In A Kilt

How To Sit In A Kilt

Scottish kilt is one of the most attractive apparel nowadays because this apparel can be worn with or without underwear. There are two types of kilt wearers present in this today’s modern era. Modern people: wear kilts with underwear or shorts because they feel ashamed if they wear the kilts without underwear. The other people are the true Scottish, these people always wear the kits without underwear and they feel pride. The true style of wearing the kilts is without underwear and there are many health benefits. It increases the sperm power which results in an increase in fertility ratio.  It also overcomes other health concerns such as high blood pressure levels, anxiety, and sweating problem.

Siting is the main concern while wearing the kilt. Our guide will solve this problem and you will be able to know How To Sit In A Kilt.  You will sit in a kilt with confident

Sitting on a chair

If you are a traditional kilt lover then you may face kilt sitting issues such as pleats damage or body being exposed. This article is about those people who love to wear kilts without underwear and are always in danger of their bodies being exposed to other people. Proper sitting on a chair while wearing kilts not only prevents your lower body parts from being visible but also wrinkles will not appear on your pleats. Many people don’t know how to sit properly on a chair, they think it is the same as other bottom wears but the fact is that, the kilt is the unique apparel. This apparel has a lot of pleats at the backside, so every kilt wearer should take care of their kilt pleats before sitting on a chair or a sofa.

How To Sit In A Kilt

Major Issues

Whenever you try to sit on a chair, sofa, or car seat, you may face various issues which make you uncomfortable all the time. There are two major issues that everyone faces whenever they wear Scottish tartan kilts.

  • Pleats damaging
  • Exposing body

Pleats damaging:

The kilt is not jeans or trousers which you can easily sit without worrying about the pleats or Iron pressing. This kilt is special apparel that has too many pleats at the backside and taking care of such pleats is very important. Without proper attention, the pleats will damage and wrinkles will appear.

Exposing body:

Body exposing is common for the traditional kilt wearer because he is wearing the kilt without underwear. In front of people, everyone feels ashamed when the lower part of the body will become visible. It needs proper knowledge of how to sit on the chair.

How To Sit In A Kilt

This is the main topic of this article and it is a major concern for everyone whenever they sit on a chair.  Our guide will solve this problem and afterward, you can easily sit on a chair without worrying about your body parts.

  • Approach your seat
  • Smooth your pleats
  • Sit down on a kilt
  • Position your legs
  • Use A Sporran
  • Use A Kilt Pin
  • Beware Of Surroundings

Approach your seat

You should walk to that place with your clan tartan kilt where you want to sit and it may be a sofa, car seat, or a chair. After reaching that place you should turn around in such a way that the seat of the chair should be beneath your back and your back legs should touch the chair.

Smooth your pleats

Without smoothing or covering the pleats, you cannot sit accurately on the chair. You must use both hands in order to smooth the pleats and remember the pleats should be flat.

How To Sit In A Kilt

Sit down on a kilt

After smoothing the pleat you can easily sit on the kilt but remember, the pleated area should touch your hip. In other words, your hip should touch the kilt pleat, rather than directly sit on the chair.

Position your legs

We never recommend cross-leg positions because you cannot hold this position for a long period of time, so spreading your legs are best for preventing your body from being exposed to other persons.

Use A Sporran

Horse sporran is very helpful in this regard, so after spreading the legs, you must press down the sporran at the center of the front apron.

Use A Kilt Pin

You can also add a kilt pin because it also carries the weight.

Final Words

This is very easy kilt sitting guide for not only learners but also for the traditional kilt wearers, so that you can easily sit on the chair for a long time without any problem.