What Is Worn Under A Kilt

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

Kilts For Everyone

The Scottish kilt is the unique apparel unlike other apparels present today’s life. This is the wrapped apparel which has two important sides i.e, plain side (front side) and the pleated side (back side). Furthermore, this apparel is not only made for just males. Females, kids and transgenders can also wear this apparel. There is LGBT events conducted in almost every states of USA which shows the love and friendship by LGBT’s people. The kilt is not just event based garment, it is the daily routine bottom wear like shorts, pants and trousers. You can wear these kilts with pride and freedom, if you live in Scotland, Ireland and some kilt states of USA.

What Is Kilt

The kilt is the stitched apparel which is worn at the body waist to the knee in such a way, the front side is a plain side while the backside is the pleated side.

However, this apparel is first discovered in the Scotland by the Royal king but now a days, this apparel is worn all over the world. The traditional form of the kilt is the great kilt which is still popular in many countries and the way of wearing the great kilt is almost same (front apron is the plain side while backside has pleats).

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

This is a very important question that is often asked by people who are unaware of this culture. This wrapped apparel provides you full freedom which no one provides i.e, jeans, shorts and trousers. You can wear the traditional tartan kilt without underwear if you feel uncomfortable or doctor advices you. naked form or the commando form not only gives you freedom but also increases the fertility of a men. However, some people feel ashamed when wearing the kilt without anything. They think there is must be a underwear or short beneath the kilt. It is different from one persons thing, so it totally depends on your choice and likeness.

Scottish Survey

The Scottish survey is the report conducted every year which gives the latest information about the Scottish people. This report tells how many Scottish people wear kilt with underwear / without underwear / with pants and shorts. We will discuss this report in the next paragraph which helps you in understanding What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

Wear Kilt With Underwear

According to this report, 55% of Scottish people wear underwear under the Scottish tartan kilts. This high percentage is the total accumulate of the Scottish people around the world not only in Scotland. Furthermore, this percentage includes adult, kids, men and women. The participants in Scottish sports and games mostly wear kilts with underwear.  In these games the light weight tartan kilt is preferable but you can wear any fabric kilt according to your choice.

Wear Kilt Without Anything

Wearing the kilt without anything is the real purpose of the kilt. The traditional Scottish kilt lover still wear the kilt in this style. They feel more freedom than tight bottoms such as underwear, jeans etc. According to the survey, only 38% Scottish people around the world wear the kilt without beneath anything. The doctor also suggest to wear kilt if someone has sex related issues. The kilt without underwear boost the sperm power of the men and helps in fertility. It also overcome different health problems such as anxiety, depression and sweating.

Wear Kilt With Shorts

Only 7% of the total Scottish people wear kilts with shorts, jeans, trousers and other bottom wears. Mostly non-Scottish and Americans adopted this style of wearing the kilt. If you are non-Scottish then you can try to wear the kilt in this style, it is best for everyone.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

What About True Scotsman

The true Scotsman always prefer clan kilts. He wear family tartan kilts at various Scottish ceremonies such as weddings. The true Scotsman do not like underwear, shorts and anything beneath his kilt, he love to move around in the commando form.


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