Irish Saffron Kilt

Irish saffron kilt

Irish Saffron is a full-service Irish kilt maker and retailer. Located in Seattle, Washington, Saffron Kilt is the go-to source for high quality, traditional Irish products. The company was founded to help spread the word about authentic Irish products. We believe that if you want to be Irish, you should be able to look Irish. We are proud to offer the finest Irish goods on the market today, including Irish Saffron Kilts and Irish Saffron shirts. This blog will look at a company in Ireland that has managed to keep their culture and tradition alive by harvesting and drying saffron the traditional way.

Irish saffron kilt

Unique And Ancient Irish Saffron Kilt

In the quest to make the perfect kilt, the Irish became one of the first to use saffron. They used this unique spice to dye their kilt’s the internationally known color that they are now. We take a closer look at how they were able to add this unique color to their kilt’s and how saffron became so important to Ireland. Saffron Kilt, is a traditional and essential part of Irish Clothing. Ancient Irish people believed that the saffron could protect them from all the harm in the world. Now¬†saffron kilt is worn to have strong connection with the Irish Culture.

Popular Traditional Saffron Kilt

The Irish kilt is becoming relatively popular among Irish people living in the United States. I know a lot of people who have been looking for good Irish kilt supplies. A style that is very much in the spotlight this season is the kilt. The kilt is a traditional Scottish garment that is worn as the national dress of Scotland. This garment is a large skirt that is wrapped around the lower half of the body and worn over a pair of trousers. It is a garment that shows off the manly physique of the wearer.