How To Put On A Kilt

How To Put On A Kilt? this is the basic question for those people who don’t much about these beautiful Scottish cultural dresses. Many people of European countries and from where the kilt is not popular as in the USA and UK, they wanted to know about everything about kilt and other Scottish clothes. Well, the Scottish kilt always symbolizes Scottish culture. Looking at the kilt, the first impression automatically comes to mind that this person is Scottish. The kilt is the primary Scottish dress and it is the heartbeat of this beautiful Scottish culture.

In the above paragraph, we have highlighted the importance of kilt. The kilt although important Scottish dress but without Scottish kilt, you cannot become a true Scottish man. The Scottish man or Scotsman is the person who wears every important Scottish accessory with the kilt. At Scottish weddings and other important Scottish occasions, it is not enough for you to wear a kilt. You must wear other kilt accessories with kilt otherwise people won’t value you that much.

How To Put On A Kilt

Importance Of Kilt Accessories

The kilt is the heart of the human body while accessories are other parts of the body. You must wear other kilt accessories with kilt so that you can leave a mark on your personality. There are too many kilt accessories available with the kilt but you should wear those accessories with match your personality. True Scotsman put everything on the kilt but if you are a newbie then you should put essential things. In this article, we are going to discuss almost every important accessory which you can wear with your Scottish kilt.

  • Kilt Jacket
  • Ghillie Shirt
  • Bow
  • Tie
  • Leather Belt And Buckle
  • Sporran
  • Flashes
  • Kilt Hose
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Shoes

Kilt Jacket

The Scottish kilt jacket is a special jacket for the kilts. You may witness many beautiful casual jackets, the style of kilt jackets is different than that of casual coats. The kilt jackets have a unique design having too many Celtic and harp style buttons. These stylish buttons are expensive and rust-free in nature which not only increases the beauty of the jacket but also increases the durability of the kilt jacket. Furthermore, the kilt jacket is not a longer coat like casual jackets. The maximum height of the kilt jacket is up to the waist.

Ghillie Shirt

The Ghillie Shirt is the best alternative to the kilt jacket. If you don’t want to wear the kilt jacket then you can wear this Scottish shirt. This Scottish shirt is not a casual dress shirt. You can not only wear this Scottish shirt with kilts but also trews, shorts and other bottom wears. These shirts are also available in different cotton colors i.e, blue, yellow, orange, white, and black. You can wear those color shirts which suit your personality.

How To Put On A Kilt


This is not a common bow that you see in the market. This is a special handmade bow that you can wear with your casual shirts. If you have decided to wear a casual shirt with a kilt jacket then the bow is necessary for you. You can wear the tartan bow according to your kilt or any other random color bow i.e, black, white, and blue


It is also an important accessory for casual shirts and kilt jackets. If you don’t want to wear the bow then a tie is the best replacement.  Like the bow, you can wear a black and white tie or tartan ties according to your kilt.

Leather Belt And Buckle

The leather belt is not the ordinary or casual leather belt that you wear with your pants or trousers. The leather belts are Scottish leather belts that are bigger in size. Moreover, the way to fasten these leather belts are different than that of casual leather belts. If you want to go to special places then you must attach a buckle with these Scottish belts. The buckles are available in different designs, you can choose those metal buckles which suit your personality.


The Sporran is the most attractive thing on the kilt. Nowadays, the Sporran is available in beautiful designs. Animal and leather Sporrans are popular these days. There are also flag Sporrans and other printed Sporrans which you can wear with your kilts. These Sporrans are a popular accessory and have equal importance to Scottish kilt.


The flashes are the best accessory of the kilt hose. You can wear the flashes on the hose in such a way that half flashes should be visible and half flashes must be under the kilt hose. You can wear flashes in different cotton colors but tartan flashes are always increased your personality.

Kilt Hose

The kilt hose is the larger size socks which are specially designed for the Scottish people. These are the thick socks which you can wear every season. If you want to go to weddings and other parties, then you must wear a kilt hose with a kilt.

Sgian Dubh

The Sgian Dubh is a Scottish small knife that you can hide in the hose. Every Scottish man has a small knife because it is part of Scottish attire. The Sgian Dubh is not only for decoration purposes but also helps in defense.


The Scottish shoes are different in design and shape. These are not casual dress shoes that you wear in your daily routine life. The Scottish shoes are specially designed for weddings.

Final Words

By reading the above article, you can easily understand the answer to this important question How To Put On A Kilt?