Utility Kilt

The utility kilt is the modern form of the Scottish kilt which you have seen in today’s life. The original fabric of the kilt is tartan in which there are ancient great kilts and short tartan kilts. In this modern era, every kilt fashion lover tries to search for unique modern kilts for upcoming events. The young generations like modern dresses while the adult people love to wear traditional dresses such as vintage coats, traditional kilts, and pants. If we talk about the traditional kilts these are manufactured with the soft wool fabric while utility-style kilts are cotton kilts. Cotton is a slightly heavier fabric than wool that is why these fabrics are designed for the Scottish fashion lover.

Utility Kilts Vs Traditional Kilts

There are too many differences between the two broad categories of Scottish kilts for men. Both are popular but depend upon the likeness of the kilt lover. Somehow the utility Scottish kilts have more features as compared to traditional kilts. We are going to discuss the key differences between two wide categories of Scottish kilts.

  • Weight
  • Straps
  • Hardware
  • Varieties
  • Washable
  • Adjustable Options


The tartan traditional kilts are light in weight because these kilts are manufactured in wool fabric. The wool is the softer and lighter fabric among all the fabrics. Utility Kilt, The blanked, shawls, cushions, and other things of wool also make you comfortable and warm every time. All Scottish tartan kilts are lighter and more comfortable than utility kilts. The utility kilts have extraordinary hardware and other utility elements which make them heavier for kilt lovers.

The old men always wear tartan kilts regularly because it provides more freedom than modern utility kilts. So, modern kilts are heavy and only for those fashion lovers who want to wear heavy dresses at parties, discos, New Year’s nights, weddings, and other ceremonies.


Well, traditional tartan kilts have leather straps while utility-style tartan kilts have tartan straps. The leather straps all the default straps which are attached with every traditional tartan kilt. Utility Kilt, The default style of tartan kilt has leather straps with metal buckles. If we talk about modern Scottish utility-style kilts, then these Scottish kilts have cotton straps because most of the Scottish utility kilts are manufactured in cotton fabrics. The buckles are the same, but there is a difference in the quality of the straps in these broad classifications of kilts.

Some unique cotton kilts do not have buckles, the way to adjust the Scottish kilt is with leather straps with buttons. This combination is better than the traditional style of fastening the kilt. A kilt lover can easily adjust with these utility leather straps with buckles according to his body size.


The traditional tartan kilts have metal buckles that are attached with the tartan or leather straps. There are two or three buckles added with each traditional kilt. There is only hardware in a traditional style kilt while the utility tartan kilt has some buttons and studs. This is the restriction in every tartan type kilts, but it is not in the case with utility or modern kilts. The modern kilts have every metal hardware which makes these kilts more adorable.

The utility cotton kilts have studs, buttons, buckles, d rings, chains, o rings, and other advanced hardware which you will never see in traditional style kilts. The reason for the popularity of modern kilts over traditional kilts is because of attractive metal hardware. Therefore, the hardware not only increases the beauty in the kilts but also in other fashion garments such as coats, jackets, shirts, pants, etc. The more hardware in a fashion garment, the more attractive is that garment. If you wear utility-style kilts in a huge gathering of people then people will more admire your personality because of the series of beautiful metals. The metal hardware makes you a different personality.


The tartan kilts do not have more designs because people wear it as it is. These kilts have a simple design or if you want to wear a utility-style tartan kilt which has also a fixed design. Utility Kilt, The traditional designs never changed that is why the traditional kilts show your traditions. Although it does have designs, it has more colors than modern kilts. The tartan plaids keep adding to the Scottish tartan registrar every month. The tartan lovers keep adding beautiful tartan patterns in the registrar which gives a lot more color options for the wearer.

The utility style kilts have more designs and varieties than traditional Scottish kilts. The kilt-makers know the fashion trend, so they keep adding unique designs for fashion lovers. Every modern kilt lover wants to try a new kilt for a forthcoming event. He is a hungry kilt lover and always figures out the best modern kilt in the market. If you explore some popular online brands of kilts such as kiltsale then you will love to wear the largest collection of utility-style kilts. Every kilt is different in design according to the hardware and quality.


kilts are the different fashion garments as compared to pants, shorts, leggings, and other bottom wear. The way to wash the kilts is different than other garments. The traditional tartan kilts are slightly easier to wash as compared to the modern design kilts. Traditional kilts have metal buckles while utility kilts have decorated with more metal hardware. While washing the utility-style kilts, the user must wash the kilt carefully by hands. He or she must not dip the utility-style kilts for more hours in the waster. The kilt wearer should use a high-quality cleansing agent in the market, so it does not affect the cotton color and metal hardware. In other others, washing the utility-style kilts is not easy as compared to tartan kilts.

Adjustable Options

The traditional kilts are adjusted with leather or tartan straps and it is the only way to adjust the kilts. The utility kilts provide more adjustment options for kilt lovers. He or she can adjust the Scottish modern kilt with waistband buttons, straps with buckles, leather straps with buttons, and Scottish belts. So, you can see there are a lot of possible options for the kilt wearer. You can easily loosen or fasten the kilt with utility kilts.

Utility Kilts vs Other Bottom Wears

The utility kilts are made with pure cotton fabrics and have more metal hardware. These kilts are easy to wear and better for health than other bottoms such as pants, shorts, leggings, and skirts. Have you noticed, every bottom wear is tight-fitting i.e, pants, leggings, skirts, and shorts but kilts never be a tight-fitting dress? Utility Kilt, The Scottish utility kilts provide more freedom to the wearer and he feels more relaxed while wearing the kilts than pants.

As you know the pants and other bottoms are the common dress but if you wear utility modern kilts, everyone will give an attractive look to your dress. The utility kilts have more metal hardware than other bottoms, so we can say that kilts are a luxury fashion. Doctors all over the world also emphasize wearing USA kilts than pants. These kilts are the open wear dress which is helpful in sex life.

Features Of The Utility Kilts

There are many utility kilts for sale available in the market but you know first what the important features of the Scottish utility kilts are.

  • Cotton Fabric
  • More Hardware
  • Scottish Standard
  • Belt Loops
  • Pockets
  • Straps

Cotton Fabric

There are too many fabrics on the market, but a utility kilt is made with cotton fabric. There are too many common colors in which Scottish modern kilts are made. Some common colors are khaki, black, red, and green. Many kilt lovers love to wear kilts in these cotton fabric colors. These are special dresses, so the best cotton fabric is used for making these bottom wears. The color of the cotton never fades due to a couple of washes which is the beauty of the modern utility kilt. Utility Kilt, On the other hand, other bottom wears are made in the bad quality fabrics which results in clothes burst in a single wash.

However, the Scottish utility kilts are most of the time manufactured with cotton fabric but there are few kilts that are made in the tartan fabric. These are also utility kilts but have dual fabrics such as cotton and tartan. Moreover, these kilts also having all features of the utility kilts.

More Hardware

The utility kilts are the advanced form of a Scottish kilt which has more hardware such as buttons, poppers, studs, buckles, hooks, clips, chains, straps, d rings, and o rings. These are the luxury kilts that are much better than other garments. There is no such garment that has more metals and other luxury features.

The metal hardware in the Scottish utility-style kilt also rust-free which means these cannot be rusted. You can wash these kilts too many times without worries about the hardware. The more metal hardware not only makes a kilt durable but also extremely attractive in front of the huge people gathering.

Well, these kilts have more metals, so these modern kilts are designed for modern people. They can wear them anywhere according to their taste. These are not ordinary or regular home dress like pants. So, special dress for special Celtic events.

Scottish Standard

The utility kilts are the quality kilts not like pants that don’t have a standard. There is a Scottish standard that must be followed by every Scottish company. Every Kilt is made according to the standard which gives surety to the customer that he received the quality products. This is not the case with other bottom wears, so there is a complete check and balance on utility kilts. There is a Scottish policy by which the weight, metal quality, stitching, and fabric quality must be according to the Scottish standard.

Belt Loops

Every utility kilt has belt loops which are not available in tartan traditional kilts. The belt loops help the kilt wearer to wear the bigger size belts with ease. Utility Kilt,  You can also easily fasten the utility kilts with the belts which is a big facility in the modern design kilts. Some utility kilts have simple belt loops while there are fancy kilts that have different design belt loops which are not only durable but attractive. There are also some beautiful kilts that have small d rings which are included with these belt loops. So, we can say that the belt loops are one of the best features of a modern kilt.


Pockets are an important feature in the modern design of the Scottish kilt. In fact, these are a vital element in every fashion garment such as pants, leggings, trousers, and shorts. Without pockets, no one can store things. The pockets of kilts are different in design than pockets of other garments. There are some pockets which have metal d rings, o rings, straps and other things which make them more attractive. However, there are two common storage pockets with each utility kilt, but there are also some unique kilts that have a single front pocket.

Some Scottish kilt lovers only wear these utility kilts because of pocket designs. No garment has design pockets, only utility kilts have. The pockets are also bigger and deeper which helps in keeping wallets and other useful big objects.


For the adjustable fitting, there is must be a strap. There are, however, a minimum of two straps for fitting but some kilts have more than two straps. The straps mostly made with cotton fabric with metal buckles. There are some unique kilts that have black leather straps with black buttons. There are a lot of adjustable options in a utility kilt but this is not the end.

Some utility kilts have decoration straps that increase the beauty of the kilts. Utility Kilt, These are expensive straps that are available in some kilts. As you know the customization is available in every type of Scottish kilts, so if someone wants luxury straps, then our company can include these straps in a Scottish utility kilt without demanding extra or hidden charges.

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